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Patrick Cote faces Cowboy Cerrone in the UFC Ottawa

Patrick Cote faces Cowboy Cerrone in the UFC OttawaThe UFC Ottawa is set to arrive in Canada for the first time in 2016, next week, June 18, and the first time ever in the nation’s capital, Ottawa.

The Canadian amazing fan base took just one hour and thirty minutes to buy all the tickets to this event.

The UFC Fight Night: MacDonald vs. Thompson next Saturday night will highlight in the co-main event Brazilian Top Team’s Patrick “The Predator” Côté (24-9-0) is set to square off against the american Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (29-7-0, 1NC) at the Welterweight division.

UFC Ottawa co-main event: Patrick “The Predator” Côté vs Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

Patrick Cote faces Cowboy Cerrone in the UFC OttawaEarly this month elected as one of the “The 10: Canada’s Finest” Patrick Côté is 5-1 since moving down to welterweight, and six victories in the last seven bouts, coming from a win over Ben Saunders at the UFC Fight Night Boston.

Côté, a Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, have been training with a recent 4 Degree Black Belt and long time coach Master Fabio Holanda at BTT Canada,

While Cowboy Cerrone moved to the 170-pound division in February after his title fight loss against Rafael Dos Anjos.

The Predator is today with 36 years old and reaching his 20th appearance in the organization, since the UFC 50 in 2002, with one “Fight of the Night” and two “Knockout of the Night” bonuses.

He is coming in his career’s best shape, more than a decade after making his UFC debut, and shows no signs of slowing down. With a win over Donald Cerrone next weekend could even earn himself a place in the Top 15 of this division.

Watch Patrick “The Predator” Cote highlights 2016

Follow Patrick Côté on Twitter @patrick_cote he loves interact with fans, leave a message to the Predator.

UFC Fight Night Ottawa is headlined by a five-round bout between top welterweight contenders Rory MacDonald and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

Patrick Cote is back at octagon

Patrick Cote is back at octagonPatrick Cote will be back at the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) at the UFC Fight Night, August 23rd, 2015 in Sasktel Centre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The brand new Brazilian Top Team black belt, Patrick “The Predator” Cote (21 – 9 – 0) will squares off with Josh Burkman (27 – 11 – 0) at 170 pounds.

Burkman comes from a loss to Dong Hyun Kim at the UFC 187 (Johnson vs. Cormier) and a No Contest in the bout against the cuban Hector Lombard at the UFC 182 (Jones vs. Cormier). While the Predator comes from a victory over Joe Riggs at the UFC 186 (Johnson vs. Horiguchi).

Coming off from a win at the UFC 186 against Joe Riggs in april 2015, Cote just started his training camp with BTT Canada‘s head instructor and long time coach Prof. Fabio Holanda and will be ready to represent BTT one more time.

Stay tuned for more news about his training camp.

Patrick Cote wins in the UFC 186

Patrick Côté wins in the UFC 186 against Joe RiggsThe crowd at Bell Centre in Montreal last night, to the UFC 186 prelim Main Event, went crazy as soon as Patrick “The Predator” Cote stepped up at the octagon to his bout with Joe Riggs.

The Brazilian Top Team fighter was schedule to faces Riggs (40-15) in 2007 for the UFC, but the american got injured and the fight didn’t happen. Now, eight years later the UFC’s veterans started the fight with the Canadian trying high kicks.

Patrick Côté wins in the UFC 186 against Joe Riggs 03While Cote was cornering the Riggs against the cage, the Arizona fighter took Cote’s back with hooks. But a very calm and experience The Predator, released the hooks and turned around and worked the ground and pound. Take Riggs back to the mat and working again the ground-and-pound, with the crowd chanting his name. Rigs get up one more time but not for long, with Cote presenting an amazing grappling game.

The second round started with both fighters going for the knockout, Cote controlling the center of the octagon. The rest of the round they worked from the clinch.

Patrick Côté wins in the UFC 186 against Joe Riggs 02Joe Riggs comes determined in the last round, he takes Cote down with a double leg, tries a guillotine choke, but The Predator is very calm and elusive in the ground, even with Riggs again in the back with hooks on, the BTT Canada’s member never panic, turned around and hammer fist his opponent, and the crowd goes nuts while he fired off hard strikes.

At the end all three judges saw it 29-28. The Predator is back!

Patrick Côté now has 16 victories in 17 fights in Canada, improving his career to 22-9.

Allez Côté!
Brazilian Top Team “One Team, One Dream”

Patrick Cote ready for the UFC 186 against Joe Riggs

Patrick Cote ready for the UFC 186 against Joe RiggsThe Predator is back! Patrick Cote will enter the UFC’s octagon this Saturday, April 25th, in Montreal, Canada to face Joe Riggs for the UFC 186.

Now the most prominent Canadian fighter in the UFC roster today, Cote will have his hometown fans again supporting him at the Bell Centre

The Brazilian Top Team fighter was schedule to faces Riggs (40-15) in 2007 for the UFC, but the american got injured and the fight didn’t happen. Now, eight years later the the Canadian and the american will finally meet at the welterweight division.

Patrick “The Predator” Cote made his professional debut in November 2002 and competed on Season 4 of The Ultimate Fighter and in 2014 he was the winner coach of the Canadian team at the TUF Nations Canada x Australia (four athletes in the two finals).

Cote is 100% ready for the UFC 168

Patrick Cote ready for the UFC 186 against Joe Riggs - Sylvain RaymondWith 35 years old, Patrick Côté is far, very far from a retirement and won seven of his last nine fights. “For me it’s more fun to go training and fighting; it’s less stressful,” The Predator (21-9) has been exclusive dedicating to the training camp at BTT Canada Head Quarter with Master Fabio “Mastermind” Holanda, with no distractions.

Don’t miss Saturday, April 25th, for the welterweight Patrick “The Predator” Cote vs Joe “Diesel” Riggs in the final preliminary card bout of the evening.

Allez Côté!
Brazilian Top Team “One Team, One Dream”

Patrick Cote takes Canada to the Victory in the TUF Nations Finale

Patrick Cote TUF Nations Finale at Colisee Pepsi on April 16, 2014 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)In the conclusion of the The TUF Nations Canada x Australia, it displayed the superiority of Team Canada Over Australia (four athletes in the two finals) and as the coach of the team was there The Predator, Patrick Cote, with Master Fabio Holanda (BTT Canada) as assistant coach.

To set as an example Patrick Cote, set in the octagon against his rival coach, the australian, Kyle Noke (20-7-1) in the welterweight division.

Noke started with high kicks well deflected by The Predator, that contra-struck with great over hooks. After another kick, Cote times it perfect and the the fight to the ground with a vicious and precise ground and pound, keeping posture with short shots until the end of the round 1.

Patrick Cote TUF Nations Finale at Colisee Pepsi on April 16, 2014 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)In the second round Noke tried to keep a good distance from Patrick Cote, so he could recuperate from the first round. In one of the Cote’s attack, he accidentally run in to Noke’s knee, but showed how strong is his chin. and didn’t gave up and again grab Noke’s leg after another kick attempt and took the fight again to the ground. Showing the great training from the time he spended in Tiger Muay Thai, in Thailand and at Brazilian Top Team Canada camp. With a great wrestling Cote ground and pound again with powerful elbows and a knee to Noke’s chest when he tried to get up using the fence.

Listening Master Fabio Holanda at the corner, The Predator came even more strong to the final round, putting a lot pressure in Noke, and again timing one more time takes the fight to the ground, and one more time Noke ate The Predator’s elbows and controlling the octagon!

After three rounds the judges cards gave a unanimous decision and the referee Dan Miragliotta, raised the hand of Patrick “The Predator” Cote (21-8-0) to completed the Canadian sweep over Australia in the TUF Nations.

Patrick Cote a veteran from the TUF (he was on season four) set as a great example in the program not only for his athletes but for all the public has the chance to watch the tv show, talking about the importance of representing your country properly and how he understands all the extra stresses that come along with being on TUF.

Allez Côté!

Patrick Cote defeats Bobby Voelker in the UFC 158

Patrick Cote defeats Bobby Voelker in the UFC 158With sharp technics and total control of the octagon, Patrick Cote returned to the octagon with a great victory over Bobby Voelker this Saturday night, March 16th, at UFC 158 in Montreal, Canada

The Brazilian Top Team member now has nineteen victories in his records (19-8-0) and the first, in his Welterweight debut (170 lbs – 77 kg), after a strong career in the middleweight division.

Patrick Cote vs Bobby Voelker in the UFC 158

Former middleweight title contender Patrick Cote took the initiative in the first round with powerful hands combinations in a very tough opponent. At the end of the second round The Predator displayed a magnificent Brazilian jiu-jitsu with Master Fabio Holanda, head instructor at BTT Canada, at his corner.

Patrick Cote defeats Bobby Voelker in the UFC 158The second round Cote one more time dominated the bout, with effective strikes game, attacking with ringing uppercuts and body-to-head combinations followed by a loud cheer from the public in the Montreal’s Bell Center.

The third round Voelker came to the do-or-die, with a tired Patrick Cote, the former Strickforce used the ground-and-pound game to dominate the round. At the end all three cageside judges scored it the same: 29-28 in a unanimous decision in favor of Patrick “The Predator” Cote, who won for the sixth time in seven appearances.

Congratulations Patrick, master Fabio Holanda and to all Brazilian Top Team Canada.


Watch: Milton Vieira practice for UFC on FX Live

Milton Vieira practice with BTT's fighter Gleristone Santos and Fernando CamolêsMilton Vieira returns to the octagon of the biggest event in the MMA’s World, this Saturday, January 19, 2013 for the UFC on FX Live from Brazil Belfort vs. Bisping.

The Brazilian Top Team’s black belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling, Milton Vieira made ​​his debut at UFC 147, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, against Felipe Arantes, the fight ended with the judges giving an unusual result, draw. Soon after, Vieira had a bruised right knee and needed surgery which was held on August 13.

Fully recovered and training hard in the intense Rio’s hot weather, at the Brazilian Top Team’s headquarters,  to face Godofredo Castro, also specializes in ground game being a black belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu, was a finalist of the first TUF Brazil, and as Milton Vieira, made ​​his UFC debut in June 2012, defeated by Ron Jason.

Watch video of Milton Vieira preparing for UFC Sao Paulo produced by Garra Marketing.

Give your cheers to Milton Vieira on Twitter @MiltinhoVieira

Exclusive interview with Pedro Nobre before UFC on FX Live

Pedro Nobre signs in with UFC After hearing the news of the inclusion of Pedro Nobre UFC card in São Paulo happens on Saturday, January 19th, in the state’s capital, we went to interrupt his training and series of commitments with the media and the event to make this quick interview.

Pedro Nobre’s exclusive interview

Brazilian Top Team: How was your training routine before knowing you would fight in the UFC on FX Live from Brazil Belfort vs. Bisping?
Pedro Nobre: I wasn’t pushing too much, I was just helping Milton (Milton Vieira will fight also at UFC Sao Paulo on the same night) not pushing too much because the training was for him.

Exclusive interview with Pedro Nobre before UFC on FX LiveBTT:: How did you receive the news?
Pedro Nobre: Murilo Bustamante called me giving a nice scolding because he could not reach me. I had worked all night from Friday to Saturday and had put the phone on silent mode and when I woke up it had several messages.

BTT:: What has changed now knowing that you only has a little less than two weeks to be ready?
Pedro Nobre: We took this week to step up and do some training strategies for the fight.

BTT:: You have changed a lot in weight classes last year, what are the main differences among this classes?
Pedro Nobre: I am a short fighter and in the categories of Featherweight (145lb / 65.8kg) and Bantamweight (135lb / 61.2kg) opponents were bigger and it was very difficult to reach them. In the Flyweight (125lb / 56.7kg) I felt better and my desire was to remain in that category, but as it appeared the opportunity to fight in the UFC at the Bantamweight division, and I hold it.

BTT:: For those who have never heard of you what should they expect from Pedro Nobre’s performance at UFC Sao Paulo?
Pedro Nobre: I like to fight to please the audience, I move alot, exchanging blows, take downs and I also work well on the ground, they can expect a show from me, even having a small length of time to prepare.

Lern more about Pedro Nobre’s carrer.

BREAKING NEWS: Pedro Nobre will debut at UFC Sao Paulo!

Pedro Nobre BTT Professional MMA FighterThe UFC confirmed on Saturday, January 5th, that George Roop was injured during training and is out of UFC Sao Paulo on January 19th, in the southeast state’s capital and in his place was called Pedro Nobre!

Pedrinho will face the Yuri Alcantara at the flies weight (57kg), in which the athlete of the Brazilian Top Team won the last Bitetti Combat’s GP, after beating Eduardo Felipe and Nicolas Matheus, less than a month ago, on December 9th, 2012

Pedro Nobre’s long journey to UFC

Black belt in Muay Thai and brown in brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Pedrinho Nobre, which has an impressive cartel (14-1-2), finally joins the select team of fighters in the largest martial art event of the planet, the UFC.

The walk was long and tough enough, especially in this past year, starting with the loss of his friend and BTT’s coach Eraldo Paes, a cancer’s victim in December 2011, tried to get into the UFC through TUF Brazil as featherweight (up to 66kg) and after he had excellent fights at bantamweight division (up to 61kg) however Nobre suffered his first and only career defeat.

Toninho Fúria and Pedro Nobre claim Bitetti Combat BeltsAs he said after his victory at Bitetti Combat “I was very emotional, but it wasn’t because I lost the last GP in the Bitetti Combat but, because this year I missed a reference in my career, that was Eraldo Paes, without him it was very difficult and I was kind of lost. I lost in the selective TUF Brazil. I thought I would explode and soon after I was defeated. I fought in the Bitett not focused and it was very bad, with my mind not set, but thank God that I came to this GP focused and I dedicate this belt to Eraldo he said”.

Shooto review result of polemic fight and Pedro Nobre x Rodolfo Marques is a "No Contest"Pedro Nobre’s UFC debut will be against an UFC veteran, Yuri Alcantara (28-4-0), 32, a former lightweight Jungle Fight’s champion and with three fights in the UFC (2-1), who is coming from a loss for Hacran Day in June 2012, and also will makes his debut among the UFC’s flyweight division.

Pedro Nobre now is one more Brazilian Top Team’s athlete in the UFC, he joins Milton Vieira who will fight in the same event against Godofredo Pepey Patrick “The Predator” Côté who also has a fight scheduled for UFC 158, March 16th, in Canada.

Congratulations Pedro Nobre and welcome to UFC.

UFC Sao Paulo

January 19, 2013, in São Paulo (SP)
Milton Vieira x Godfrey Pepey
Pedro Nobre x Yuri Marajó

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