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BTT earn great result at the Houston International Open Jiu-Jitsu

BTT earn great result at the Houston International Open Jiu-JitsuSt. Thomas University Jerabeck Activity and Athletic Center hosted the 6th edition of the Houston International Open Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship 2016 this past weekend.

It’s not a secret anymore the growth of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the big state of Texas. All the “big” academies have schools there and the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) has been hosting tournaments there since 2010.

Our competition team had members of all BTT schools in Texas, BTT San Antonio (Prof. Diego Gamonal) , BTT Plano (Prof. Leonardo Machado), BTT Austin (Prof. Ruy Frade), BTT Angleton (Instructor Fernando Halfed and Head Coach Diego Gamonal) and from BTT Jacksonville, Florida with Prof. Marcelo Salazar.

The result was lots of medals and 2nd place overall to Brazilian Top Team, great achievement and the prove that united we are stronger.

Check here for complete result of the Houston International Open Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship 2016 in the IBJJF

Congratulations to all coaches and students for the great result, next year we are going even stronger.

Gallery with photos from Houston International Open Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship 2016

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BTT schools get together for the Austin International Open 2015

BTT schools get together for the Austin International Open 2015The 2015 IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) Austin International Open took place on September 26th at the Round Rock Sports Center in Austin, Texas.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is growing everywhere but the state of Texas has increased the amount of tough black belts and schools. All the main academies have representatives on the lone star state.

Brazilian Top Team has 3 schools, BTT Plano Prof. Leonardo Machado, BTT San Antonio Prof. Diego Gamonal and BTT Austin, Prof, Ruy Frade.

The competition team did an awesome job with 35 athletes and got the 5th place overall.

BTT is up and coming in Texas and will go head to head with all academies.

Great job everybody.


The results below:

First Place

Reggie Jeff, Lawrence Vincent Carara, Patricia Magalhaes, Laura Ann Heiman Martins (double gold), Christopher Raines, Matt Hazelton, William John Favuzza, Kevin Edgerton, Fernando Henrique T. Halfeld, Leonardo de Paiva Machado, João Carlos Saturnino Filho

Second Place

Jason Karp, Travis Carona, Joey Macre, Jeremy Bridge, Christopher Raines, Jason Kirk Wilkinson

Third Place

Eric Martinez, Alberto Villarreal, Chris Klein, Moses Espinosa, Misty Verschoor, William John Favuzza, Marshall Frampton Kemper

2015 Worlds: BTT Results

2015 Worlds BTT ResultsOnce again the Walter Pyramid hosted the 2015 Worlds organized by IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) from Thursday 28th through 31st in Long Beach, California.

The Brazilian Top Team Competition Team had a great turnaround, despite some mistakes made by the referee at Leonardo Cascão’s quarter final match.

Congratulations to everyone that competed, coaches and the whole BTT family. Next year we will be there stronger!

BTT4ever !

BTT Results at the 2015 Worlds

2015 Worlds GOLD MEDAL

  • Ashley Montellano
  • Michael Steenson
  • Yacinta Nguyen-Huu

2015 Worlds SILVER MEDAL

  • Yacinta Nguyen-Huu ( Absolute), Brody Rawding,Siprachanh Phatsana,Jacynthe Maloney
  • Bryan Levario
  • Kate Wilson
  • Kristen Marie Davidson
  • Alison Victoria Tremblay

2015 Worlds BRONZE MEDAL

  • Mahmound Sabha
  • Waldyr Alberto Costa Santos Filho
  • Mustafa Sabha

Long Beach belongs to BTT

Long Beach Belongs to BTTThree times. Brazilian Top Team Competition Team won last weekend its 3rd Long Beach International Open IBJJF title.

The tournament took place at the Long Beach Convention Center and once again Prof. Marcelo Perdomo (BTT Long Beach Head Coach) led the team to a victory.

BTT finished in 1st again with over a 100 points difference from the second place.

Long Beach belongs to BTT!

Congrats to all #BTT4EVER

Long Beach Belongs to BTT


BTT at the IBJJF Worlds Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship 2014

btt-ibjjf-worlds-brazilian-jiu-jitsu-championship-2014-03Once again the IBJJF Worlds Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship took place at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach California. 5 days full of exciting matches and competitors from all over the world.Brazilian Top Team Competition Team was well represented with athletes from several affiliated schools.

Black Belts did a good job, Raphael Macuco and Omar Sabha represented the team at the absolute, both off them won their first match and got stopped at the second. AT weight class, Leonardo “Cascão” Saggioro won 2 matches to get in to the quarter finals where he lost by referee’s decision.

Prof. Diego Gamonal (BTT Plano) was part of the most commented match of the tournament, where he face one of the favorites Kennan Cornelius. Diego was winning by 2 points when Kennan applied an illegal move and was disqualified. Gamonal got stopped at the quarter finals as well.

Now, the Brazilian Top Team’s ladies

btt-ibjjf-worlds-brazilian-jiu-jitsu-championship-2014-02The girls from BTT Team always bring the heat and this time wasn’t different. Ayisha Issa had 3 submissions and 5 X 0 at the final at the blue belt heavy weight, securing the gold. Prof. Fabio Holanda (BTT Canada) awarded the World Champ with a purple belt at the podium.

Two years ago Alison Tremblay won the Worlds at purple belt, she did it again at brown belt super heavy. Alison also got 3rd place at he always tough absolute division.

We had many others competitors representing the team and Master Bustamante was there among other coaches to help the team.

Congrats to all ! BTT4ever


To check more pictures of BTT Team at the Worlds, click here :

BTT takes the 2013 Montreal International Open

BTT takes the 2013 Montreal International OpenThe IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) hosted the Montreal International Open Championship this past weekend at the Centre Pierre Charbonneau in Montreal, Canada.

Once again, Brazilian Top Team Competition Team got the first place overall!

Great job by the athletes of Brazilian Top team Canada.

List of medalists at the Montreal International Open 2013

Gold Medals

Dave Mailhot
Luc Audet
Alicia Neasmith
Luc Côté
Patrick Duglay Piceda
Mario Pierre-Canel
Wissam Kfoury
Ralf Schirrmacher
Francis Quinn
Joëlle Couture
Yacinta Nguyen Huu (2x)
Jacynthe Maloney
Sylvain Labonte
Carl Fagnant
Eric Audet
Anthony Jr. D’Alesio
Victor I. Bazzani (2x)
Johnny Zemouli (2x)
Michele Forte
Lee Villeneuve

Silver medals

Dave Massicotte
Boivin André
Maude Bonneville
François Larocque
Jacynthe Maloney
Jonathan Lau
Chris W Piscione
Lee Villeneuve

Bronze Medals

Rafic Osseiran
Bertrand Metaut
Jérôme Parenteau
Hayeden Bye
Torsten Bergander
Olivier Jacques
Chris W Piscione
Michele Forte

Congrats to all! BTT 4ever

BTT takes the 2013 Boston Summer International Open

BTT takes the 2013 Boston Summer International OpenBrazilian Top Team Competition Team did it again and this time earned the first place in an amazing way at the 2013 Boston Summer Open, this Saturday afternoon at the Umass Athletics.

Organized by the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation) , Saturday, August 24th, the Boston Summer Open brought the bjj’s elite to Massachusetts, BTT Competition Team had an incredible performance getting the first place overall with more than 50 points than the second place, Fenix BJJ.

BTT takes the 2013 Boston Summer International Open 03At the end BTT Team conquered seventeen (17) gold medals, eleven (11) silver and twelve (12) bronze and the highlight of the whole team was the black belt Renan Borges who won the adult black belt lightweight division.

The final was against Francisco Iturralde (Alliance Ecuador) and Renan finished the fight in an awesome way

In the video that already become viral, Renan Borges applied a “loop choke” while his opponent was working to pass guard and secure the back and a few seconds later Renan’s arm was raised. (check the video below)

Thanks to all coaches that were present cornering: Daniel Gazoni, Fábio Holanda, Renan Borges, Bruno Amaral and Brian Caldwell.

Congrats to all ! BTT4ever !

BTT complete result at the 2013 Boston Summer International Open

BTT takes the 2013 Boston Summer International Open 06WHITE / Adult / Male / Feather
Second – Bruno Ailva

WHITE / Adult / Male / Light
First – Luc Audet

WHITE / Adult / Male / Middle
First – Dave Massicotte

WHITE / Adult / Male / Super Heavy
First – Christian Guzman

WHITE / Adult / Female / Light Feather
First – Laila Laaroussi

WHITE / Adult / Female / Feather
Third – Charlotte Ardini

WHITE / Master / Male / Middle
Second – Sean Seaberg

WHITE / Master / Male / Super Heavy
BTT takes the 2013 Boston Summer International Open 02Second – Shane Smith

WHITE / Senior 1 / Male / Light
Second – Wissam Kfoury

BLUE / Adult / Male / Light Feather
Second – Hudson Pinto

BLUE / Adult / Male / Super Heavy
Third – Roberto Amaral

BLUE / Adult / Male / Ultra Heavy
First – Phillip Kelly

BLUE / Adult / Female / Light
First – Terrie Schauer

BLUE / Adult / Female / Heavy
First – Jacynthe Maloney
Third – Ariel Axelrod-Hahn

BLUE / Adult / Female / Open Class
First – Jacynthe Maloney

BLUE / Master / Male / Medium Heavy
Third – Stéphane Groleau

BLUE / Master / Male / Ultra Heavy
Second – Jeremy Miller

BLUE / Senior 1 / Male / Middle
Second – Steve Soares

BLUE / Senior 1 / Male / Super Heavy
Third – Pedro O. Gonzalez

PURPLE / Adult / Male / Medium Heavy
Third – Terence DeToy

BTT takes the 2013 Boston Summer International Open 04PURPLE / Adult / Male / Super Heavy
Second – Carl Fagnant

PURPLE / Adult / Female / Heavy
First – Siprachanh Phatsana

PURPLE / Adult / Female / Open Class
Second – Siprachanh Phatsana

PURPLE / Master / Male / Light Feather
First – Jose Hermoza

PURPLE / Master / Male / Open Class
Third – Jose Hermoza

PURPLE / Senior 2 / Male / Light
First – Dawson Daminelli

PURPLE / Senior 2 / Male / Middle
Third – Eric Fowke

PURPLE / Senior 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy
First – Victor I. Bazzani

PURPLE / Senior 2 / Male / Open Class
Second – Dawson Daminelli
Third – Victor I. Bazzani

BROWN / Adult / Male / Light Feather
Third – Frederic Koomsatira

BROWN / Adult / Male / Light
Third – Carlos E. Fernandes

BROWN / Adult / Female / Middle
First – Nathalia Abrahao Azoff

BROWN / Adult / Female / Open Class
First – Nathalia Abrahao Azoff

BROWN / Master / Male / Light
First – Johnny Zemouli

BROWN / Master / Male / Middle
First – Luciano Chris Ucci

BLACK / Adult / Male / Light
First – Renan Borges

BLACK / Master / Male / Medium Heavy
First – Omar Sabha

BLACK / Master / Male / Heavy
Second – Brian Wade Caldwell

BLACK / Master / Male / Open Class
Third – Brian Wade Caldwell
Third – Omar Sabha

Renan Borges vs Francisco Iturralde – Black Belt Adult Light 2013 Boston Summer International Open

BTT Long Beach Kids has strong impact in the South Bay Open

BTT Long Beach Kids has strong impact in the South Bay OpenToday the BTT Long Beach Kids brought twelve (12) strong competitors to the South Bay Open, in California.

Brazilian Top Team Long Beach had some first time fighters, and some “old vets”. We took seven (7) medals out of twelve (12), with Heavynne as our all star Gold Medalist winning by mounted triangle and on points.

Lily had time run out on her as she locked up an armbar, but fought valiantly in both.

Sebastian lost a tough final on points but secured Silver.

Asher fought four (4) tough times and split two (2) wins, two (2) losses for Bronze.

Samuel was his usual beast self and took Silver, as did Hollywood.

Nicko won his first and lost his second as the ref awarded four (4) points to his opponent after time expired.

Raymond won his first, and Nathaniel, Koa and Diana all fought really well and got great experience.

Check the BTT Long Beach Specific results at the South Bay Open

Aidan- win pts, lose pts, lose pts.
Nathaniel- lose ab, lose pts.
Diana- lose ab, lose ab.
Asher- lose pts, win pts, win ab, lose ab. Bronze.
Raymond- win pts, lose keylock, lose sub.
Samuel- win rnc, win pts, lose ab. Silver.
Sebastian- win ref decision, lose pts. Silver.
Lily- lose pts, lose ref decision.
Heavynne- win mounted triangle, win pts. Gold.
Nicko- win pts, lose pts. Bronze.
Erik- win kimura, lose ab. Silver.
Koa- lose ab, lose ab. Silver.

The future is bright at BTT LB! Brazilian….TOP TEAM!

BTT Russia takes the Russian International Open 2013

BTT Russia takes the Russian International Open 2013Brazilian Top Team keeps growing around the world. BTT Russia, the newest affiliated under Black Belt Alexander Faria, won the Russian International Open 2013.

The land of Sambo has discovered BJJ and Prof. Alexander is doing a great job teaching jiu jitsu to the dedicated russians.

Alexander Faria and some students from BTT Russia will be representing Brazilian Top Team in California this week at the IBJJF Words 2013, May 30th, 31st, June 1st and 2nd, in Long Beach, California.

The facility is a real martial arts training with medical support all day, physical preparation and space for all other arts.

Please check all the info about BTT Russia under locations – official schools

Watch the video below with Alexander teaching!

BTT at the Las Vegas Open 2013

BTT at the Las Vegas Open 2013Las Vegas is a city sought out for its fortune’s. Where one’s dream can come true with the turn of a wheel or a roll of the dice. For Brazilian Top Team of Long Beach, this road-trip to the Las Vegas Open 2013, proved to be a jackpot!

Located almost 300 miles away, 34 competitor’s left their powerhouse academy and set out to spread the gospel we know as, Brazilian Top Team. The competition group mixed in range from perennial competitors to freshman fighters.

Out of the 34 competitors, they were able to bring home 28 medals! For the fighters that did not medal, here are some experienced words from Pan Ams 2013 Brown Belt Master’s Champion, Omar Sabha.

“For those who came up short, trust me, stay consistent, keep on competing, your time will come.”

BTT at the Las Vegas Open 2013This was an especially interesting competition due to BTT’s own Renan Borges, entering into the competition ‘mid-shuffle’. Renan flew out from Boston to Long Beach to instruct in absence of Marcelo Perdomo, as he was away in Brazil getting married, CONGRATS!

Renan was heard to have said he was motivated by the students in Long Beach which made him extend his stay, in order to fight alongside his brethren.

The biggest accolade the team received from the Las Vegas Open, was a 3rd place team trophy, out of about 100 other academies! As of late, BTT Long Beach has brought home a team trophy at almost every single IBJJF Competition, all of which they were outnumbered. They also brought back, 11 Gold Medals, 9 Silver and 8 Bronze.

Marcelo Perdomo has lit a spark within his students, one of which is growing wildly out of control.

It is their intention, to set Worlds on fire! See you at Mundials!

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