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Fabio Holanda
680 St-Catherine West,
Montreal , Canada
Fone: (438) 381-4981


In 2003, one of BTT’s black-belt member, Fabio Holanda, came to Canada and established BTT Canada, the first Brazilain Top Team school outside of Brazil.

Fabio is both an accomplished BJJ and MMA competitor. He is also the trainer to many of MMA’s top athletes including UFC fighters Georges St-Pierre and Patrick Côté.

Fabio has helped establish  BTT Canada as one of the top Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs in the country.

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hours/day mon tue wed thu fri sat
10:15am Kids
11::00am Open Mat
12:00pm BJJ No-Gi BJJ BJJ No-Gi BJJ BJJ No-Gi

conditioning conditioning
6:00pm Wrestling Judo Wrestling Judo BJJ
6:15pm Kids


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